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Often times I find myself asking the same question, who am I and what do I want society to perceive me as? This is the question that I have grown up asking myself. It started when I moved to Indiana. Being from the northern part of South Carolina all of the students in my school dressed nice and had an accent, but when I moved to an Indiana school no one had an accent and the people dressed in different ways. It is almost as if you could pick out the “tribes” that people were placed in. In this context a tribe is a grouping of people with similar attributes. This leads me to assume that while I was in South Carolina I was “socially accepted” and in Indiana, I felt that society didn’t accept me, due to the way I dressed and the thickness of…show more content…
This means that human are [subconsciously] predisposed into these groups that Berreby describes as “tribes”. Tribes are groups of people with similar interests. Berreby talks to a social psychologist, Professor Sapolsky, who states that “ Its an object of research, offering clues to a fundamental and puzzling human nature: People need to belong, to feel a part of “us”. Yet a sense of “us” brings with it a sense of “them”. (Berreby 9) This quote shows us that as humans we have this natural instinct to be a part of something and that puts one in the “us” group, but once one is placed in the “us” group it brings a sense of hostility to the “them” group. This brings about the idea that there is some sort of combativeness or competition when comparing “us” vs. “them”(us or them not both) and “us” and “them” (both groups). Berreby insinuates that this all could have all be avoided if humans just took the time to see the good in people and actually get to know each other instead of going off of the stereotype society first associates with people. In his article “It Takes a Tribe” Berreby insinuates that individualism is something that society, as a whole needs to improve on and if society improves on this subject we wouldn’t have to rely on pre determined “tribes” for each person, we could just allow humans to be their own person and make the decision on which group

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