Compare And Contrast Piaget Vs Vygotsky

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Jean Piaget's theory on cognitive development, as a whole, is very similar to Lev Vygotsky's sociocultural theory of cognitive development. Piaget's theory was based on assumptions that were made on how growing children learned by basing newfound knowledge upon prior knowledge. Lee Vygotsky, on the other hand, focused his theory on the effect social and cultural interactions play on the growing child and view cognitive development as a result of social interaction. Unlike Piaget, Vygotsky did not focus on individual children (Feldman, 223). Piaget believed that development occurs in four stages and children learned information from their environment; and children's views are based upon what they know about the world as they learn it. When new information is introduced to them [the child], they must interpret it. The belief that the interaction with surrounding environment physically and socially is mainly what Piaget based his theory upon. In contrast, Vygotsky believed that children developed through conversation, either formal or informal, with adults. He also…show more content…
The weakness that I believe are found within Piaget's theory is that Piaget did not take into consideration the complications that some children may have. Piaget also did not really look too far into social effect on cognitive development. The biggest strength that I believe was found in Vygotsky's theory was that he did take cultural background into thought while developing his theory, since children can come from many different and diverse back grounds. Piaget's biggest strength I believe was that his theory took a further look into a child's mind and with the stages of development, an individual interacting with the child can understand where the child's level of understanding

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