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A Physician Assistant is often misconceived about what they do and what they are exactly. Physician Assistants, although the name is not an assistant to doctors. The only time they would be considered an assistant to the doctor is during surgery which yes contrary to common belief they can help doctors do. Physician Assistants can do most of what the doctor does do, they see patients, make up plans of treatment, prescribe medicine, give tests and interpret the results and people are very foggy about what they think Physician Assistants can do. (Cawley, Hooker, “The contribution of Physician Assistants in primary care: a systematic review.”) Many people have the misconception that Physician Assistants work under a supervising doctor’s license when in all actuality they have to pass an exam called the PANCE and following that they are licensed by the state that they practice in. On the other…show more content…
From studies it has found that most patients and potential patients have a high approval rate of Physician Assistants being their Primary Care Physician. Physician Assistants normally see younger patients than most doctors and also a different caseload than doctors. In modern day medicine they actually in the past years have taken over a lot of the former roles as Doctors. They are trained in 2.5 years at only a fourth of the cost of a Doctors and begin providing patient care 4 years before a Doctor. 7,300 Physician Assistants graduate each year and by the end of the decade is expected to reach 9,000. (Cawley, Hooker, "Physician Assistants in American Medicine: The Half-Century

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