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I have spent the last three years reflecting, reviewing my career objectives, and planning for change. I want a medical career with a promising future and increased involvement with people. After receiving my master’s degree in radiologic science, and still craving additional development, I determined my future career must meet my need for continuing education, provide an occasion for change, and utilize my past life experiences, training, and skills in the medical profession. I realize I still have several working years ahead of me, and I want my next profession to be one that will offer both challenge and opportunity. The physician assistant (PA) profession meets that criteria, and the viability of the physician assistant profession is without question. For the past six years, I have worked as a radiologic technologist in Shreveport, Louisiana. I feel privileged to be a part of a medical specialty with direct links to almost every other department in the…show more content…
I also hunted for as much knowledge and exposure as I could find. I contacted multiple physician assistants I had developed working relationships with as a radiologic technologist. Shadowing in the areas of family practice, neurology, and orthopedics has allowed me to see first-hand the positive impact physician assistant’s have on their patients. I spent a lot of time with one PA in particular, and I really got to know her patients. I found myself taking an interest in her patients’ care and looked forward to seeing them again and following their progress more closely. The shadowing of PAs was a very encouraging experience. I realized, above all physician assistants and doctors work as a healthcare team. This quality was very appealing to me because of the team approach I have been accustomed to in my years as a radiologic

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