Long Way Gone Reflection

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After reading A Long way Gone by Ishmael Beah, I learned several thing about myself and my position in the world. First, I learned that I can read a interesting book lke A Long Way Gone in a one to two week time period. This was the first time I ever wanted to get a book and be excied to see what will happen at the end. Enough said, I thought this was a amazing book and I lernerd that my life does not even compare to Ishamel and his friends. For example, Ishmael Baeh had to become a solider at a young age, saw people get killed right infront of him, and had his family de at young age. Today I have problems like my family dying slowly but surely, being stressed from school work, and figuring out what to eat for dinner. Somebody he knew died almost everyday, yet I am stressed over a couple of pages of homework. He saw people…show more content…
Even though the rebels did kill his family I feel like I would still have a hard time trying to shoot and kill one of them. I feel like there might be a chance that I could adapt to that type of lifestyle because you never know what you could do until you are put in the stuation. For example, I always thought that if someone were to rob me, I would be able to kind of get out of the situation with ease because I know some self defense moves. If I as actually in the situation I probably would through all my belongings to the robber and cry on my way home. Another example, is when Ishmael saw people running from village to theres because of the attacking by the rebels. He saw the people vomiting, fainting, and about four dead people. At this time he couldn’t feel his body because he was numb from the things he was seeing. Once he became a solider he had to toughen up. He knew that he was helping others and the enemy wehre the people who had killed his family ad friends. He just had to brave enough to go from scared to anger towards the
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