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International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) A Novel Approach in Clinical Decision-Making. Dominador R. Ronquillo III Utica College Introduction There have been numerous methods in describing the person's functional abilities and disabilities, but it is all focused on the disease progression and treatment. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health framework is a unique instrument that uses a common standard language to describe the person abilities and disabilities without dwelling on the disease process. Integrating this ICF framework will help illustrates the various entities and functional capabilities that impact the person response to his health…show more content…
(American Physical Therapy Association, 2001, p. 473-515). Preferred Physical Therapy Treatment Plan: As a result of the above physical therapy diagnosis the recommended treatment program will be the following: light to moderate aerobic exercises, balance exercises, functional mobility and gait training using an appropriate assistive device, patient/family education for symptoms recognition, rate of perceive exertion (RPE) and safe mobility training. In the final analysis, the ICF framework provides a new vantage point in validating the comprehensive use of the different ICF components to address the impact of health disorder to individual’s functional abilities and disabilities. References American Physical Therapy Association. (2001). Preferred practice patterns: Cardiovascular/pulmonary. In Guide to physical therapist practice (2nd ed., pp. 473-513). Alexandria, VA: APTA. ICD-10-Cm/ medical coding reference. (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2015, from

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