Allgood Family Therapy Case Study

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The Allgood family from San Francisco, California was evaluated for participation in family therapy. Recent stressors include the eldest child leaving home for the first time for college, and that same child contacting her and her younger brothers’ sperm donor. Lastly, one of the mothers had an affair with said sperm donor, causing a significant amount of maternal stress. After the assessment, it was determined that Bowen Family Systems Therapy would be beneficial with the Allgood family, as well as interventions from Integrative Couples Therapy (Eldridge, Christensen, & Jacobson, 1999; Nichols, 2013) . The presenting problem in the Allgood family is Jules’ affair with Paul. Jules views the act of her affair as due to her emotional and physical needs not being met by Nic. Nic views the affair as Jules betraying her and becoming untrustworthy. As for Joni and Laser, they view the affair as betrayal by both Jules and Paul, whom they had questioned whether their…show more content…
The first goal included reframing Jules’ affair and her emotional cutoff from the family. Due to Jules not having her emotional and physical needs met by Nic, she had to find another means of achieving that. Her affair with Paul had given her that outlet, and once she started receiving those needs, Jules had made an emotional connection with Paul. The stronger Jules’ emotional connection with Paul got, the more emotionally cutoff she became from Nic, Joni, and Laser. By avoiding sensitive issues with Nic through confiding in Paul, a triangle was formed. When Paul had started agreeing with Jules about what she was saying in regards to Nic, this further allowed Jules to become more and more emotionally cut off from her family. It is important to acknowledge this emotional cutoff within the therapy setting in order to allow both Jules and Nic to understand the underlying reasons behind Jules’ affair and to find solutions from there (Titelman,

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