An Invisible Thread, By Alex Treniowsk

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Did you know that prejudice is the process of making decision or judging something by making your own facts instead of knowing the truth about a person or a thing? And did you know that bias refers to a thought of a person or a group towards an area of on their life-like society? Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on a reason or to influence somebody’s opinion in advance and bias is a prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another that is usually considered as unfair or harmful. In other words, both prejudice and bias are created by stereotypes of what we think of them like racism, sexism, etc. and we can overcome them by treating others with respect and being respectful of someone’s/people’s opinion of whether you agree or disagree. Proof this informative is both clear in An Invisible Thread by Alex…show more content…
The biography and autobiography, An Invisible Thread by Alex Treniowski and Laura Schroff wrote, “…Nice white ladies should never be in a place like that…” (66), “Laura, you can’t have this boy up to your apartment, she said. “That’s just crazy.”[…] I mean, you’re white; he’s black…” (81 & 82) and “Michael said, “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”[…] “What do you mean, it’s not appropriate?” […] “I don’t think you should invite Maurice to Christmas.” […] “But I can’t bring him to our home?” “It wouldn’t be a comfortable situation.” (171 & 172). This shows that, Maurice once told Laura is being really generous to him by bringing and sending him elsewhere to eat and both Valerie and Michael had a disagreement with Laura that they cannot believe/trust her that he has a family and someone could’ve taken good care of him instead. As you can see despite these disagreements, Laura had told both Valerie and Michael that Maurice is a really good kid and such a good friend to

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