Sacred Space Bodywork Case Study

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Overview Sacred Space Bodywork is Kristin Bergman’s massage therapy practice, which she has run in the old parlor of her Iowa City home since 2000. Mz. Bergman provides massage therapy to a diverse clientele, from triathlon athletes to pregnant women to people who are very sick. Her specialty in pregnancy massage means that twenty-five to thirty percent of her clients are pregnant or recently postpartum, approximately ten percent more than the average massage therapist. This specialty lead to other pursuits; she is a doula, and currently, she is doing birth consultations as an alternative to bodywork as she recovers from a serious physical injury. Origin of Business Kristin Bergman had her first professional massage when she was pregnant…show more content…
If, for example, a lactation consultant had a client they thought might benefit from a massage, they could send that client to Sacred Space Bodywork for a free massage, and vice versa, but only a set number of times per year. Although the theory is to set prices high and give promotional discounts, Mz. Bergman is dedicated to keep her prices low enough that the price would not deter someone who would truly benefit from massage therapy. What I learned from this paper Don’t jump in head-first- Building a successful business takes a lot of time and energy. Sacred Space Bodywork took years to build, but Mz. Bergman grew experienced before her business became self-sufficient. She built skills working in spas and chiropractic clinics, which also augmented the small amount of money coming in from clients in her own practice. Financial security deters many entrepreneurs, but it is entirely possible to have an additional, stable job as your new business develops. Once it has become self-sufficient, slowly branch out. Mz. Bergman not only specializes in pregnancy massage, but also teaches pregnancy massage to other practitioners, as well as offering other services, such as birth consultations and her expertise as a doula. Don’t try to just jump in all at once, instead, build up from something smaller, then branch

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