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Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, France. Napoleon was a French Military Leader and later Emperor of France conquered much of Europe in the 19th Century. Small, ambitious, and a skilled military Leader waged war against many kinds of European Nations and expanded his Empire. Napoleon’s empire went to the Elba River, to Italy and to the Dalmatian River. Napoleon took power in France on 1799. The French Revolution was just the beginning of Napoleon Bonaparte’s dictatorship. In Notre Dame I Paris, Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Napoleon 1. Napoleon was the first French man to be Emperor in a thousand years. Napoleon became first consul in February 1800. Napoleon reorganized his armies and beat Austria, which was one of there biggest rivals. In 1802 Napoleon made the Napoleonic Code which was a new system of law in France. Napoleon’s empire went from the river of Elbe all the way to Italy and the Pyrenees in the Dalmatian Coast. Napoleon joined his army in June 1793 at Nice, he showed his support for the Jacobins, a political movement and the most known and popular political club from the French Revolution. It was a few years for France before France was a republic in…show more content…
The first consul was able to appoint ministers, generals, civil servants, magistrates and members of the legislative assemblies. Under Napoleon’s direction, he turned his areas to other parts of areas of the country, economy, legal systems, education, and the Church. Napoleon remade Roman Catholicism as the Countries religion. He made the Napoleon Code, which forbid privileges on birth, and allowed freedom of religion and sayed himself that government jobs must be given to the least qualified of people. Napoleon made a European peace. In 1802 Napoleon was made himself consul for life, and two years later he was proclaimed emperor of

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