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Experiencing loss is an everyday occurrence whether death, financial, or betrayal. Zynga customers felt betrayal from the company when they dropped a popular game called “Pet Ville”. Zynga executives understood that customers were attached to the game but due to company cutbacks and restructuring, some games needed to be dropped due to poor performance (Constine). The issue that the customers experienced with the discontinuation of the game was the method that was used to terminate the product. Sometimes making decisions hurt people mentally, physically, and financially; however with careful planning methods of online forums, therapy groups, and financial compensation the process can be smoother. Online community forums are a form of communication for customers and internet users. They can be used as a voice for customers who are discontent with a product or service a business is providing; such as with the discontinuation of the game “Pet Ville.” Users were outraged from the insensitivity in the method that Zynga terminated the game. The forum would have given…show more content…
Counselors of all professions recommend therapy groups to help people deal with concerns that are bothering them. Psychotherapist Ali Miller, MFT recommends “hybrid groups” which support conversations about their lives outside of the group. Such as talking about family issues, joblessness, and hopelessness; this type of therapy assists individuals to determine where the source of their issues stems from. Therapy groups help individuals who have trouble with loneliness. Some of the reviews posted about Zynga suggested that people got hooked on the game because they felt lonely and needed an outlet. They say that therapy groups also promote support systems among one another. Using support mechanisms can help the feeling of despair especially when “Pet Ville” users felt the company didn’t show concern for them (Tartakovsky

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