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Thesis: Dogs are an interesting animal, they can do many things. (Title Page) Main points: 1) History of dogs 2) How to train a dog 3) Practical applications of dogs (Mans Best Friend Slide) Many say that a man’s best friend is a dog. I think that statement is totally true. I personally never had a dog but I always wanted a dog. Back when I was in middle school I used to dog sit my aunties little dog since she was a puppy. It was the greatest summer job as a 12 year old kid. Because my auntie’s dog was still a puppy it was easy trying to teach her commands. I was able to teach her to sit, lay, stay, and to shake. (Dogs Tricks Slide) After I was able to accomplish teaching her tricks and seeing how smart dogs are I automatically found a new…show more content…
How do you teach such a peaceful happy animal to do such high risk serious jobs? The answer is a lot of training (Dog training Slide). Training a Police and military dogs takes a very long time, one of the foundations to teaching these types of animals is a lot of obedience training (Obedence Training School Slide). What is obedience training? Obedience training is training that consist of basic commands to set the tone that they need to listen to their handler it also reinforces submission. Some of the commands taught are to sit, down, stay, heel, and to come here. Another type of training is adaptation training (Dog in Battlefield Slide). Adaptation training is just like how it sounds it is to adapt in a high stress environments. In this high stress environment the dogs will be exposed to different types of people, different types of situations and different types of locations. Another type of training for a Police/military is called specialty training (Drug Dog Slide). During specialty training a dog is exposed to the type of job that the animal will be doing. For example drug dogs will be put in an environment to sniff out certain types of drugs, while a military and police dog will be in an environment to attack and subdue the enemy. These animals are trained to be praised and rewarded with something enjoyable after doing their job

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