T Mobile Data Breach Case Study

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The subject of data breaches within global corporate networks has been constantly reported by news media in recent weeks. Federal Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike have been specifically targeted for their customer?s sensitive information. T-Mobile has recently joined other companies who have been involved in hacker related data breaches. In this paper I will look to answer the following questions. Who is to blame for the data breach? What are the ethical issues T-Mobile is facing? What is T-Mobile doing to protect their customers? Additionally using the article I will discuss its key points and the effect on multi-national and global markets. T-Mobile who is one of the world?s largest cell-phone providers has recently been intertwined in a large scale data breach with Experian. T-Mobile, the company that has been named as ?2015 World's Most Ethical Companies? is currently…show more content…
They were not the source of the data breach, nevertheless they are still ethically responsible in some capacity because they entrusted Experian with the data of their customers. While their decision to use Experian as their credit verification company was a standard practice. I do not believe they made any unethical decision to utilize their service. Experian is one of the most popular credit reporting agencies to determine credit worthiness. Using their own page as a way to notify their customers T-Mobiles? CEO John Legere notified his customers by posting ?Obviously I'm incredibly angry about this data breach and we will institute a thorough review of our relationship with Experian, but right now my top concern and first focus is assisting any and all consumers affected.? Based on Mr. Legere?s response and T-Mobile?s actions thus far it is evident they are focused on their ethical responsibility of aiding their customers during this

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