Was King Henry Viii A Fat Tyrant?

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King Henry VIII reigned for thirty-six years. He brought his nation into a Protestant reformation. Many people today think of King Henry VIII as a fat tyrant but in his youth he was acknowledged for intelligence, good looks, and his natural ability for many things (About Henry VIII TUDOR). He is well-known for his many wives and the way he cruelly treated them. He married them for alliances, happiness and for a male heir to keep his succession going strong. Each of his wives had a different ending: two ended in divorce, two ended in natural causes of death, and two ended in beheadings. His children also made him well-known for they would rule their country when their time had came. King Henry VIII was a very active king. He kept a festive court, hunted, enjoyed jousting, and writing and playing music (Henry VIII). King Henry VIII was from England and Ireland. He was the third son of Henry VII and the second son Elizabeth of York. King Henry VIII was born on June 28, 1491 at the Greenwich Palace. He had six siblings but only three survived infancy: Arthur, Margaret, and Mary (Henry VIII Biography). When Henry was two, his father gave him the title of Constable of Dover…show more content…
He was forty-nine and she was only nineteen (The Six Wives of Henry VIII). She was the first cousin to Anne Boleyn. They started out a very happy pair. Henry was dealing with weight gain and a bad leg. Catherine gave him a new energy for life. She was known as his “rose without a thorn” (About Henry VIII TUDOR). He repaid her with great gifts. The happiness between the two did not last long. Catherine began to seek out men her own age which was very dangerous for a queen. By November of 1541, there was enough proved evidence against her to accuse her of adultery (The Six Wives of Henry VIII). Henry had her executed on the Tower Green on February 13, 1542 (Henry VIII

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