Realism In The Red Badge Of Courage

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Stephen Crane was one of the most realistic authors in history. In fact, he was not yet alive during the civil war, in which he uses it in this novel “The Red Badge of Courage.” This novel will be defined as realistic, since we all now know that the Civil War was an event that actually happened. Literary realism can be defined as “in contrast to idealism, attempts to represent familiar things as they are.” (Baron, Christine and Manfred Engel) The most informal is the image that Crane has which is the same soldiers that have received no education at all, which the authors uses this image to very engrave on his realism. Attention is directed towards Crane’s achievements in realism, which happened to be the influence of his novel. The reason why he is considered realism is the struggle that any soldier have to go through during a war, which means that the soldier has to face his or her own fears.…show more content…
He could be seen as a boy, but a boy that immediately turns into a man, he does not turn into a physically grown man but he mentally has matured. “He tried to enlist, but even then, his childhood illnesses made it so that he was deemed too weak for service, and was turned away for health reasons.”(Smith, Joyce) In this quote Henry had to enlist so that he could go to battle. During this battle he matured because of the battle, war makes him to mature by making him to experience new things and obstacles where he has to face them because in battle is either face the violent situation or die. This is considered realism because he had to go through the real stuff that happen in a battlefield, some of the things he had to comfort was his fears, thoughts, emotions among

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