Marcus Brutus Influence On Julius Caesar

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Marcus Junius Brutus was born in 85 B.C. in Rome. His mother was Servilia Caepionis. He was the oldest son of a Roman politician, Marcus Junius Brutus the Elder, but he was, unfortunately, killed by Pompey in 78 B.C.. “ He was educated by the half-brother of his mother Servilia, Marcus Porcius Cato, and was later adopted by a relative of his mother, Quintus Servilius Caepio,” (Lendering 1-2). After being adopted he was called Quintus Caepio Brutus (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 1). He was admired for his honesty and intelligent aspects (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 1). In Rome, two different generals were gaining lots of authority and it was getting dangerously close to a war starting (Lendering 2). It was thought that Brutus would join Caesar’s side because Pompey killed his father, but he did not decide what side he…show more content…
Brutus was not happy about this, and decided he had to do something about it (Lendering 4). He had different reasons for joining the conspiracy including: Cassius being persuasive, the death of Cato, his ancestors of L. Junius Brutus who killed the last king of Rome, and he felt obligated to do this for the protection of Rome (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 2). Brutus got together with Cassius and other senators to plan Caesar’s killing (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 1). He solely believed that killing Caesar would bring back the freedom and the republic of Rome (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 2). On March 15, 44 B.C., the conspirators killed Caesar, and the citizens were furious (“Marcus Junius Brutus” 1). After Caesar's death, Marcus Antony became the head of state (Lendering 5). On March 20, they held the funeral of Caesar, where Marcus Antony gave a small speech that fired up the citizens (Lendering 5).Brutus and the rest of the conspirators were forced to leave Rome to protect them from the upset citizens, even though Marc Antony gave them forgiveness for the murder of Julius Caesar(Lendering

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