Physician Assisted Suicide Persuasive Speech

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How would you feel if you suffered an accident that left you catatonic or were diagnosed with an incurable cancer? How would you feel knowing you would have to depend on other people to perform the simplest of tasks? Would you go through all those chemotherapies and surgeries knowing your end will be death? Knowing that all along your loved ones will be there suffering with you too? If you knew there was a way to end your life without all the struggle of failed treatments and wasted money, would you consider that alternative? Would you put a stop to all your pain for once and for all? If I were in this situation and if it was legal, I would rather choose Physician Assisted Suicide than to have to live one more day depending off of someone else knowing that I’ll die in agony. Obviously, many people believe Physician Assisted Suicide is against…show more content…
Many of these people lose their five senses, leaving them to depend on someone else. They have to deal intolerable cramps and burns in places they did not even know could hurt so bad. These people do not even want to wake up because they know the same routine will happen again or the pain might even intensify and no antibiotic can control it. In these cases, the optimal decision would be PAS. This way if it’s the patient’s wish to continue their life until the anguish is too much they can’t take it anymore, they will already have the lethal dose in their hands for whenever they are ready to move on. The author Vicky Lachman tells us in her article “Physician-Assisted Suicide: Compassionate Liberation or Murder?” that in the state of Oregon, where PAS has already been legalized, they have counseling groups for the patient and their family where they inform them better on the matter of PAS (123). They are informed of how PAS works and the patient can decide when would be the right time to go along with the

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