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Do you FINISH what you START? Much of human happiness comes through accomplishment. For instance, if you decide to learn to play a guitar and you keep at it until you can, then you get enjoyment from it. But if you quit soon after starting, you never get that pleasure and satisfaction. The same is true of any undertaking that requires practice and training, covering a period of time. However, in this matter if sticking with a project until it is finished, there are certain tendencies we all have to outgrown or overcome. Problems involved As you know, little children have a very short attention span. Even in play it isn’t long before they are easily distracted or lose interest. But as a person grows, powers of concentration develop.…show more content…
Many young persons fail to finish what they start because they become discouraged. Some unforeseen problems or obstacles may spring up. Or they find what they thought it would be. What now? Such a situation reveals what you really made of. If you let hardships fill you with negative and pessimistic thoughts, this will rob you of the strength to go on. So, instead, look on the situation as a challenge. Rise to meet it with extra effort –- extra thought, energy and time. Challenges can make life interesting if you do not run away from them. By overcoming, you grow in confidence and resourcefulness. You can then undertake future tasks with greater assurance and…show more content…
You cannot do this if you are quick to “give up” on people, starting friendships and then dropping them at the first sign of disagreement. Examine yourself. Do you sometimes handle your relations with others poorly, so that they may have reason to take offense? Well, does this cause you to “give up” on yourself? Then why be quick to get irritated or lose interest in others because sometimes they disappoint you? Take the time needed to work out problems with patience. Who cannot see the wisdom of the proverb: “He that is slow to anger is abundant in discernment, but one that is impatient is exalting

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