Persuasive Speech About Love

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Man do you have a hell of a life in front of you. I am not going to sit here and pretend that everything turned out perfect, though everything wasn’t terrible either. Whether it is a good or bad experience, you will grow and learn from it, they will make you into a stronger person. Something that you will struggle with is self-esteem and trying to understand love, or at least what you think is love. Just know, you will experience things that feel like love and you will think you understand it. And there will be times that you look over something for the “sake” of what you think is love. I know it sounds like I am talking down to you, but trust me I would have appreciated someone to tell me these things sooner. So I am going to tell you straight up, you are way too nice to people who do not deserve it. You will think that if someone gives you the slightest amount of attention, that means that they care for you. From elementary school to middle school I know that you will be bullied for your looks, people will dare each other to ask you out as a sick joke. You never fall for it but I know how it will hurt you. Do not think lesser of yourself, know you…show more content…
A group will go out together and he will invite you, I know how excited you will be for your first group date, which isn’t quite a first date but you’ll take it. You spend hours fixing your hair and picking out the right outfit and you count down the minutes until you meet; I mean it’s a big deal, someone took interest in you. However, it doesn’t go as planned. I know how badly he hurt you, I still have the scars today. I know how you will feel, empty, lost, used and confused. And I know you won’t tell anyone until you are an adult because you are ashamed. Know you are not alone, that you are not worthless and you will find someone who makes you proud of those scars. Because you
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