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The Opposite of Loneliness Society has changed over time. That is a result of that people has changed over time. Being young today is not the same as being young in the ancient history. Being young today is a frustrating period of time. We all have been there. Mood swings, love, friends, identity crisis. We were scared, and some of us still are, but being a part of something made us feel safe. The Article from Yale Daily News written by Marina Keegan, May 27, 2012, a week before she got killed in a car accident, is a speech where she expresses how we should not be afraid of the unknown future. Scared of being alone and making the wrong decisions. Marina Keegan’s intention is to express that young people are scared, and nobody know for a…show more content…
An example of that is when she writes: “we’re so young. We’re so young.” The effect of that is that it emphasizes that we are still young. It makes the audience consider how much time they have left in life. That there are lots of time to figure out life, and making mistakes. Her intention is to point out that we are still very young. We have to make lots of mistakes in the future, and it is common to feel scared, and not know for certain what you want to do in life. We are living in a society where people are changing all their lives. Also, she uses the pronoun “we” repeatedly in the text. By that she involves the audience, and makes them a part of her text. By this they are now a part of her text emotionally and therefore, she appeals to the audience by the use of pathos. She groups the young graduating students together, which is the opposite of making them feel…show more content…
It makes her more reliable. Therefore, as a result, she ascribes to use more ethos. The texts can be linked to the theme postmodern existentialism. We are no longer a society that lives strictly after the Christianity rules as the narrative society did. Young people today are living in a state of flux. They are always changing, and they are always in movement, and that is what Marina Keegan tries to tell the young graduating students at Yale. They don’t need to be frustrated about not knowing who they are, and what they would like to become after Yale. Everybody have had the feeling of not being settled, so we should not be scared, when we meet something new and unexpected. To sum up is Marina Keegan trying to gather the graduating students together, and making them feel like the opposite of loneliness. She makes it clear, that they are always changing they learn by our mistakes. They are still young, and therefore they should not be afraid of the unknown future. Scared of being alone. Because all their fellow students are feeling exactly the same

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