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Why Texting and Driving is Worse then being Intoxicated While Driving Persuasive Speech Outline Thesis: I will argue that you should not use a cell phone while driving. Purpose: To persuade Purpose: Why would should not drive with a cell phone. Introduction I. Have any of you driven while on the phone? Have you ever looked down to answer your phone because you got a text or call? Have you ever glanced away from the road for a second? Have you ever seen a drunken person drive? II. If you done any of this at any of those moments or seen them you could have died or even they could have died. How would you feel if you lost your best friend and/or a family member? I’ve lost a best friend personally because she thought it would…show more content…
Why you shouldn’t drive while using a cell phone. Body I. The statistics of accidents/deaths from driving with a cell phone. A. As said in Texting and Driving Statistics texting while driving is 25% of all car cashes it doesn’t seem like much but it is growing each and ever year. B. As said in Distracted Driving in 2012 3,328 people were killed caused by distracted drivers. This is only by distracted drivers just think about how many of them are just caused by cell phones. II. How driving with a cell phone is as bad as being intoxicated. A. When driving intoxicated you at least still have sight on the road unlike looking down at a cell phone you take your eyes off the road. As said in Texting and Driving Statistics in 5 seconds looking a way from the road driving at 55 miles per hour will be the length of a football field. B. When being intoxicated your body is more relaxed which in a crash causes you to get less injuries. If you were to reach over to get your phone then you look up and a car is coming at you will tense up which causes your body to gain more injuries in a crash. C. As said in Texting and Driving Statistics it’s 6 times more likely to have an accident over being intoxicated. Which shows that you can get in more crashes than being

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