Argumentative Essay On Chris Christie Campaign

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Beginning junior year, a representative part of the Chris Christie campaign came to my school asking for volunteers to help in the campaign. The opportunity to be a part of the campaign sounded so interesting and so different to the volunteering I have done in the past. After reaching out to the representative of the Christie campaign, he assured me that I got the job. The job would begin in a week, but I still wasn't so sure as to what I would be doing. I mean, how can a 16 year old really be involved in politics? I figured I would be making photocopies, getting coffee, or filling out some paper work. Before I knew it, it was Sunday, and I was on my way to the office. There we were quickly introduced to the other volunteers, and from there we were instructed as…show more content…
If they were unsure we would then read them a persuasive speech given to us on a script. At first, it was all so overwhelming, we weren't given much instruction and as everyone started their phone calls, I was super nervous. I couldn't remember all the steps, and what the letters for the paper work for the data collected stood for. At this point I realized I would just have to try and experiment. At first I made a couple of mistakes and was going at a slow rate, but as time went on, not only was I the first person done with my calls each week, but I did my own research about the campaign and had my own persuasive speech as to why Christie would be a great asset to continue as Governor. This experience made me realize that in life, things aren't always going to be spoon fed to you, it is often necessary to make mistakes at first in order to learn the right way. Albert Einstein said "those who never made a mistake, never tried anything new". This experience taught me confidence, persuasion, and to always go the extra mile. This opportunity has prepared me for success at Rutgers for those

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