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Name _Jamey______________________ Date ___11/6/15_______________________ Please copy your Unit II persuasive essay here: Big city or small town? What are some things that you find favorable in a small town? Is it the abundant amount of trees, the shimmering stars in the sky, or the friendly people you see everyday? Living in a small town has many, more appealing benefits. It’s a great place to live and to just simply admire life. Small towns are definitely a place I want to live. Why? The view is much more charming. You can be anywhere in a small town and you can still admire the sunset, sunrise, and even when it’s completely dark outside, you can still see the stars that can just take your breath away. Not only the…show more content…
Pollution isn’t as bad and the air feels more refreshing. Also, there isn’t as much traffic, or any at all. You can calmly drive through town without getting stuck in between cars or at multiple traffic lights. Driving through a peaceful neighborhood is nice as well. And For the most part, it’s quiet. You don’t hear honking or people yelling or anything else you’d find in a big city.Things are more undisturbed in a small town. Not only is it pretty secluded, but the community is much more safer. It’s a great place to raise a family with how low the crime rate is. Another good thing, is that everybody knows everybody, which makes you feel more secure with who you’re surrounded by. Also, small towns can create a great sense of community. If there is a celebration, it’s fun to get the whole town together and just have fun.

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