Essay On Gandhi's Economic Theory

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Introduction Gandhi was not an economist but his economic ideas are part of his general philosophy of life which is reflected on his writing and speech, mixed up with other related topics. There is no such independent principle of Gandhian economy all his thoughts were based on principle truth and non violence. Gandhi introduced a deep and the broad perspectives of economic thoughts. Gandhi never read economic theory but he introduced a wide ranges of economic thoughts which can applicable to the contemporary time too. He sought to develop a way to fight extreme poverty and to increase employment opportunity. All his thoughts were based on morality and ethical values. What is important is that the Gandhian economic thoughts are relevant…show more content…
The greed based consumption, or egoistic behavior toward product is not acceptable because according to him the world resources is not the property of limited human being it dependent to all the human being so the interest of every human fellow should be consider. This is very relevant in today’s world not only in economic activities but in all other social and political spheres. The few people earnings and properties are all equal to the whole world this is what Gandhi was talking years before therefore Gandhi school of thought is very influential for decreasing inequality and injustice in today’s world. His fundamental principle was based on the love of self, other and the love the nature and a commitment to universal wellbeing (Mokray, 2013). It has been claimed that Gandhi was anti progress and an old fashion and he was opposing too much dependent to machine. Gandhi was not anti progress but he wanted the sustainable development. The development of one part of the society should not harm other part of the society. He wanted money for all section of the society. Through force of globalization rich became richer and poor became poor. (Mahatma Ghandhi’s,

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