Personal Statement: My Passion For The English Language

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I am a Saudi Arabian woman who has dedicated her life to studying English to higher levels. I hold a bachelor degree in the English Language from Taif University in Saudi Arabia. I have been awarded a scholarship by the government of Saudi Arabia to pursue a higher degree in the English language and I am eager to do so. My goal is to become an English instructor and, eventually, to change the way we teach English in Saudi Arabia. My passion for the English language started way back in my intermediate school when I began studying the subject as part of the first-year curriculum. At first, I was fascinated by the way the English language is written and spoken. I was also fascinated by the beauty and thought the English language carries. This marked the beginning of my quest for more information about the English language and, ultimately, I decided to purchase a book dedicated to teaching English to new learners. Although the book was written to teach English, it provided me with new aspects of teaching, which intensified my desire to join the field and become an English instructor in Saudi Arabia. My…show more content…
Through all my job responsibilities, I lost focus on my academic studies and my grades suffered as a result. I worked many hours, including, weekends, summer break, and holidays. As the oldest child, I felt obliged to help my family since my father was busy working as a full-time teacher and my siblings were too young to work. Due to financial barriers, it was necessary for me to participate and take some of the business responsibilities. Thankfully, the business has now been well-established, and my ability to focus on my education is rebounding. Therefore, I do not see my undergraduate performance as an accurate representation of my academic abilities and my current desire for graduate

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