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Personal Statement My fascination for fashion and textiles dates back to 2009, when my father encouraged me to visit ‘Bangladesh Apparel and Textile Exposition (BATEXPO)’, one of the largest apparel expositions in Asia-Pacific, where world-renowned fashion brands displays their clothing styles in different categories. That exhibition completely changed my conceptual view about textiles and fashion. When it was time to select my Bachelor’s major I decided to choose textile engineering to explore my fascination with at a broader spectrum. While working in a reputed garments industry after completion of Bachelor’s degree, I observed common customer claims regarding commitments and quality requirements. Then I explored the main reasons behind…show more content…
During my undergraduate study, I gathered theoretical and practical knowledge regarding basic textile and merchandising related courses including fabric structure and design, fabric manufacturing, textile coloration, printing, fashion design, garments production, assembling and finishing of garments, industrial management, accounting, marketing and others . My perseverance through attentive and balanced studies have substantiated my efficacy of completing my undergraduate degree with outstanding performance (first merit position by securing CGPA 3.78 out of 4) at Bachelor of Science in textile engineering…show more content…
This experiences really benefitted me to become familiarized with business and marketing strategies to run a certain brand or company. Additionally, I was involved in teamwork for preparing ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) manual and work flowcharts for all departments under supervision of department head. I have also worked as a quality auditor to investigate the reasons behind excessive process loss and low cut to ship ratio. Later, I investigated the actual testing conditions in our in-house testing lab and their deviations from standard methods, since, final decisions for shipment have to be based on lab testing reports. Consequently, my team was rewarded by our Executive Director for our outstanding performance in reducing process loss and improving cut to ship ratio. Currently, I monitor and control overall production process and q uality along with my team, which enables me to capture industrial experience as well as enhance my leadership and teamwork

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