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To: Thomas Welles, Governor of Connecticut, and the good citizens of Connecticut Right Worshipful, My humble duty remembered, hoping in the Almighty of your health and prosperity which on my knees I beseech him to long to continue, I am seeking 300 pounds for I am being held in slavery along the Barbary Coast, and will not be freed unless ransom money is payed. I desperately want to go home. I miss the hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters in Rhode Island. I long to see the sandy beaches, which were good for landing boats, the grassy areas where animals grazed, and the trees, where I could stand in one place and see nothing but trees all around me. I want to go back to my city, the city of Providence, the city that I helped establish,…show more content…
We, in Rhode Island, based our laws on the Bible too, but we did learn some lessons from living in Massachusetts for some time. We made sure not to make these mistakes again as we made the laws for Rhode Island and governed…show more content…
I hope my children are happy in their marriages and that Toleration will come home from the war safe. I miss being treated with respect, as I was a noble in Rhode Island. People would respect me and my work, for I was the best attorney in Providence. Here, I am treated as the lowest class, for I am a slave. I was going to England to support your colony’s claim for land, when I was captured and sent to Algiers. I was then sold into slavery along the Barbary Coast and have been enslaved ever since. I have lost track of time, but I think it has been three months that I have been enslaved here. I want to make sure my grand children get the education they deserve. As Puritans, I made sure my children were educated, especially on the Bible. My grandchildren need to know these things as well. I had been writing books about my legal pursuits and I want them to read them too. I want one of my grandkids going into my profession when they get

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