Maya And Miguel Influence On American Culture

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Maya and Miguel Maya and Miguel, an animation created for children by Scholastic Studios, aired on the PBS channel as part of their children’s programing for four seasons from 2004 through 2007. Today you can purchase all 65 episodes on DVD or watch them on Netflix. Today Maya and Miguel is not only a popular TV series for children but also a popular book series based on the TV episodes. This children’s cartoon and book series features a bilingual Latino family, the Santos. Maya and Miguel Santos are ten-year-old twins. Their mother is Mexican and their father is Puerto Rican. The dynamics of this family represents the mixed cultures of many families in America. According to PBS, “This show has two main goals. Encourage children to value, respect, and better understand a variety of cultures perspectives, traditions, languages, and experiences and to support children in building their understanding of the English language with a special emphasis on vocabulary.”…show more content…
The new norm where there are people from all ethnicities and cultures living together, working together, going to school together, and playing together is all facets of life. Maya and Miguel have friends from a variety of cultures. The TV series includes children and adults interacting together from many different ethnicities and cultures in many different places throughout their community. Maggie, a Chinese friend who speaks both English and Mandarin, is one of Maya and Miguel’s best friends on the show. Additionally, they have bilingual friends who are African-American and Afro-Dominican. Other characters includes European-American friends and Mexican immigrants who are learning to speak the English

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