Personal Reflection: Emotional And Mental Self Care

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Relaxation. Using any method of relaxation provides the benefits of slowing the heart rate and decreasing blood pressure – both of which lower stress on the body’s organs. Relaxation also decreases muscle tension and enables the body to have more energy, better sleep, improved immunity, less pain, increased concentration, better problem solving ability and even emotional stability. Emotional and Mental Self Care The mind is a powerful force in healing, and provides us with a great benefit if our thoughts and attitudes are empowering. Emotions relate to feelings, whereas mental processes relate to our thoughts and attitudes. Stress is a motivator at times, nudging us to take action for the benefit of ourselves or others. However, too much…show more content…
Writing a list of things for which a person is grateful often reverses a negative attitude and helps to raise one’s vibration. A number of years ago I read Diane Wardell’s book White Shadow, in which she described her own journaling process and that of Janet Mentgen. I was inspired to journal daily for a few weeks, specifically about the healing treatments I was giving. Immediately I began to have experiences with clients that were beyond the usual treatment for pain and stress that were more typical in my practice at the time. I believe that the journaling process helped me to be sufficiently grounded for these events to occur. Here is one example: I had sent a letter to psychotherapists and counselors explaining the benefits of Healing Touch and how it might help their clients release emotions or behavior patterns that are “stuck.” One of the therapists who responded was a friend of mine. The client she referred was a young woman who had given birth to a stillborn baby one month prior. The therapist reported that the client was doing well, but she thought that energy healing might offer something additional. The client

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