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A Holy Basil is an erect, much branched subshurb with hairy stems and green leaves. It grows until 30 to 60 cm. Holy Basil is used in traditional Tamil medicine and in ayurvedic medicine, which is a form alternative medicine in the Indian subcontinent. Normally, Holy Basil found in Indian temple and cultivated at Indian home. Inworship, it will be placed on an altar and held in reverence during meditation and prayers .Holy Basil is the one of the herbs that can heal the body, mind, and spirit. In the same time, the Holy Basil brings countless health benefits. The scientific name of Holy Basil is Ocimum Basilium, also known Saint Joseph’s Wort, Holy Basil is a herb belonging to the mint family Lamiaceae. According, to the International…show more content…
This compounds aides ensure the heart by holding one's circulatory strain under control and bringing down the cholesterol levels. Biting a couple leaves of Holy Basil on an unfilled stomach ordinary can both counteract and secure any heart afflictions. According to a study conducted by the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India, tulsi helps to maintain the normal levels of the stress hormone – cortisol in the body. The leaf also has powerful adaptogen properties (also known as anti-stress agents). It helps sooth the nerves, regulates blood circulation and beats free radicals that are produced during an episode of stress. People who have high stress jobs can chew about 12 leaves of tulsi twice a day to beat stress naturally. Tulsi is known to have very strong anti- stress compounds and is great to help one quit smoking. It helps by lowering the stress that may be involved in trying to quit smoking, or stress that leads to the urge to smoke. It also has a cooling effect on the throat just like menthol drops and helps control the urge to smoke by allowing the person to chew on something. Ayurveda relies heavily on tulsi leaves as a smoking cessation device. Keep some leaves with you and chew it whenever the urge to smoke arises. Another plus is that the antioxidant property of the leaves will help fight all the damage that arises out of years of

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