Personal Narrative: The Future Of America

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“What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise”-Barbara Jordan. America has always been viewed as the land of opportunity, somewhere you can go and create a better life. I believe America will be remain the country of freedom and its people will always fight for their rights as an American. I think one of the largest components of America’s future will be its diversification. In the very beginning of America’s creation it has been viewed as a place to go for religious and cultural freedom. As time goes on we see that our diversity is constantly increasing and that the lines of race and religion are starting to blur. More and more people are coming in from all around the world, whether it’s a simple choice…show more content…
America is one of the most technologically advanced country, and I think it will stay like that. Most people have things that are completely unnecessary, but it’s available to them so they want it anyways. It has also become more of a right than a privilege to have basic technology, for example over 90 percent of Americans own cell phones, and 84 percent of them have access to the internet. America might get technology like what they use in Wall-E and everyone will go around in their chair cars staring at a screen their whole lives. I think that America is going way too far with some of the technology we use, most of it is completely irrationable. We have 3D printers that can make weapons, I mean it’s not like someone would actually think about going out and killing a bunch of people with the gun they made, right? Sure the printers are helpful for many good causes but we all know the wrong person is going to get one and then cause some sort of tragedy. I’m not saying all technology is bad, we need to use it in creating new energy sources and better ways to improve life. Technology is a never ending evolution that grows with our country, sometimes good, sometimes

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