Alcohol On A Fetus Research Paper

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Starting a family is a big responsibility for Sarah, it is filled with many crucial decisions but equally important are the decisions that come before and during pregnancy. A major question asked by Sarah and new mothers alike is how will alcohol affect my baby's development. To answer this question I will define what alcohol is and which periods have the greatest impact on a fetus. I will discuss the hazardous effects of alcohol on a fetus's various forms of development, as well of the risks associated with drinking during a pregnancy. To conclude I will state my opinion concerning alcohol use while pregnant in addition I will provide the recommendation of doctors on the subject. With this information Sarah and other new mothers will be able to determine if drinking during pregnancy is worth the possible risk to the baby.…show more content…
This means all substances consumed will eventually reach the fetus. A fetus is very susceptible to substances called teratogens. Teratogens are any environmental agent that can a birth defect, be it a drug, chemical or virus. Alcohol is considered to be a drug and is capable of causing birth defects. Alcohol can be hazardous to a fetus before it is even conceived. Parents who have consumed alcohol prior to conception run the risk of damaging their sex cells. This is particularly true for males sperm which is susceptible to chromosome damage. Following conception a fetus still faces danger. Although susceptible throughout pregnancy a fetus is most threatened during specific times of exposure. The period most dangerous for the brain is between 15 to 25 days after conception. This is why halting alcohol consumption after a missed period is still not soon enough to prevent damage. The most dangerous time for the heart is between 20 and 40 days after

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