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Just a modest Samaritan, with no motivation to help his adversary, stopped to offer assistance. Also, the Samaritan took a chance with his life transporting the traveler to happiness, and even paid for his healing. Jesus said to the individuals encompassing him "Go and do likewise." I found a couple of Good Samaritan in the NBA. But theirs this one NBA player that stood out the most, and his name is LeBron James. LeBron James is setting a situation and sending a powerful message we ought to all pay consideration on: after you've made it, don't just give back, go back and be a Good Samaritan, he could makes a huge impact on his city. You can almost say he owns it. Whether you're a ball fan or not, this is an imperative lesson to detract…show more content…
Kids who generally may have wound up in the streets. That is the thing that he implies when he says he needs to have an effect that keeps going after his ball profession is over. The LeBron James Family Foundation and the University of Akron announced Thursday that the 1,100 children currently enrolled in the I Promise program, sponsored by the Cleveland Cavaliers forward, will receive full scholarships to the Ohio University. The children, who are currently in third through seventh grade, must meet attendance, grade and ACT requirements through high school in order to receive a scholarship. The opportunity will be extended to children currently in the educational program, as well as children entering over the next four years. Around 300 children enroll each year, meaning a total of 2,300 students could receive scholarships from the initiative. The scholarships will be renewable over all four years the students are enrolled at the university. With one year's tuition to Akron currently costing $9,500, the university and James are preparing to make a potential $87 million investment. The university also announced it will be renaming its College of Education after James's foundation. Also LeBron stated that “Every single kid who finish my program will go to college for

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