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Joan of Arc During the Hundred Years War a warrior was born; her name was Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was how the French defeated the English during the famous Hundred Years War. Joan of Arc was the deciding factor of the Hundred Years’ War due to her religious inspiration and her military leadership skills. Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who lived in medieval France. She believed God chose her to lead the French to victory in the long war against the English. In the year 1412, a peace treaty disinherited the French crown prince because of accusations of his illegitimacy. King Henry V was then made the ruler of both England and France. In 1422 his son, Henry VI, succeeded him. England owned a lot of northern France including Joan’s village, Domremy. They were forced to leave their homes due to potential threats of invasion. When Joan was around the age of 13, she began to hear voices. She believed these voices came from God, and that God was giving her a mission to save France by destroying the enemies. Another thing that was part of her mission was for Prince Charles to be the rightful King of France. She took a vow of chastity as part of her divine mission. Her father attempted to arrange a marriage for her when she was 16 years old, but the successfully convinced the Church…show more content…
She sent a defiant letter to the enemy. Joan led several assaults against the Anglo-Burgundians, driving them from their base and forcing them to retreat across the Loire River. The French defeated the English and their French allies, the Burgundians, in a vital victory. “After such a miraculous victory, Joan’s reputation spread far and wide among French Forces” (, 6). Joan and her followers lead Prince Charles across the enemy territory to Reims. Any towns that resisted were taken by force which allowed for his coronation as King Charles VII in July of

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