Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter Documentary Analysis

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There are many different views on what may be considered to be a documentary. The spectrum of this category of film is finite, but the primary factor that contributes to making a documentary comes from capturing the lives of real people. Rather than imagining a narrative like fiction films, documentaries find real narratives, ones that come from the world everyone resides in. They can focus on current events, past ones, or both, any one can be formed to shape the narrative of a documentary. While a narrative is important to any piece of film, when it comes to this genre, making a statement and informing those who watch it is essential. Viewers leave a documentary with a new thought provoking opinion on the subject filmed. The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter is an example of a documentary because it takes personal, real accounts from a historical moment and enlightens the viewers on a specific subject, in this case, the treatment of women during World War II.…show more content…
Although rather than someone asking them questions, we only hear their voices as if they’re recounting their lives themselves. Occasionally the film cuts from the shot of the women to either an old photograph or footage from the past to emphasize and help the viewer to have a view of what was happening in the past. There are other cuts to archival footage without the accompaniment of the five Rosie’s voices, but rather the original audio or music from the time. The filmmaker does not input any information until the very end, after the credits and informs the viewer of how many women were initially spoken to prior to the film’s

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