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The Wire: The Realism of the Arguments on Inner City Issues Andrew Burnside The Wire is a crime drama that takes place in Baltimore and explores the lives of both the criminal and police organizations. Yet what differentiates this television program from all the other police dramas, both past and present, is its emphasis on societal issues in America rather than the crimes themselves. Simon's main purpose for diverting from the traditional format of the cop drama is to address the issues of racism and poverty, and how they contributed to creating a drug culture in the inner-city neighborhoods . Although highly serialized programs have become the norm of today's televisual experience, The Wire is unique because the climaxes and resolutions…show more content…
The series does not have any short resolutions to any narratives and instead prefers to stretch them out across seasons of the show. Meanwhile, there is a lot of change as characters enter and drop from the story, but the main issue, criminal drug rings, never leaves the narrative. By not having strong conclusions from episode to episode, the series offers its viewers a narrative form unlike that offered by other television series. On the other hand, because of the enormous size of The Wire, it is able to spend time on small details. The enormous size of the series gives the directors the ability to write smaller narrative gestures that can be explored and discussed. The smaller narratives of the series look into unrelated objects and people to find virtues in the ordinary, and can take the time to create the place of the everyday in the larger world portrayed. The Wire clearly embraces impressive ambitions at different places throughout its five seasons. This is seen most particularly when it chooses in the second season to observe the disappearance of the urban middle class. The grand theme is not focused on one individual, but is shown to have an influence on many of the characters, during an extensive narrative of dockyard exploitation. However at the same time, The Wire attributes value to two teenagers sitting on an abandoned couch in the yard of a low-rise housing project. There is a lot to be understood in their silences, as the two discuss the economic effects of the creation of the Chicken McNugget (1.02). The Wire successfully integrates smaller narratives within the series to prove the arguments it is currently making. On top of this, the smaller narratives also have an effect on the series to make it feel more genuine and

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