Personal Narrative Of Driving

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Frustration filled his mind, anger in his eyes. My brother was very impatient of me, because of my driving skills. He looked as if he wanted to devour my soul and spirit because I didn’t know how to drive. It was on that day of February that I gained the courage to get behind the wheel. I’m always asking someone to take me here and there, but that day it was different. I had asked my older brother Ramiro if he had time for me to take him to the store, he agreed, so we headed to Walmart. On our way there, he figured as soon as I pulled out the drive way, that I didn’t know what I was doing. He expected me to know because of my age and because driving is “easy”, at least that’s what he said. I was sixteen a month from turning seventeen. I was very naïve and clueless; I hardly knew anything about cars or driving.…show more content…
He had a green 1997 Toyota Camry with a loud sound system, it went up to 120 mph, had a brown interior, and great air conditioner; It was in good condition. It had a v4 engine so it didn’t waste much gas, very environment friendly because it was a gas saver. On our way to the store he looked very nervous, always trying to reach for the steering wheel, and gripping on to the hand bar. Apart from being nervous, he looked as ready as a lion hunting its prey, ready to attack me for the slightest mistake. Driving with him was not the smartest decision; I should’ve told my big sister Yesi to accompany me, she is way more understandable, patient, and nicer than

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