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Aquino, Adrian Sebastian P. September 2014 1Phl1 Journal # 1 “Brahman and Atman as the source of all ideas” The Indian civilization has many similarities with other Ancient civilization. Is this just a coincidence? Is there a deeper explanation about it? Like the Brahman who is present in all living things on earth and the source of all ideas and feelings, I believe that all civilization have the same mentality about Gods, Beliefs, and Philosophies. I will explain the little similarities of the Hindu philosophy to other philosophy and beliefs even they have no contact and they don’t know each other or their philosophies. My insight in the subject of Hindu philosophy is that the Brahman in the form of Atman is the source of all we do and ideas here in earth that’s why they have the similarities between them.…show more content…
The question that gives them problem is “who am I?” has many interpretation and ways to answer. One of the interpretations of “Who am I?” is finding your purpose. Every one of us in this world has a purpose, but what is that purpose? The Indian philosophy gives us a purpose and that is, we must understand The Self and after that we must understand the Greater Self. If we cannot accomplish these tasks we cannot join the Great Brahman. We must Obtain Moksa or spiritual Liberation to do

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