Plant Growth Lab Report

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For this lab, I will carry out an experiment to determine which colors of the light spectrum cause the most plant growth. red light green light violet light yellow light blue light I have 3 different types of plant seeds I will plant under each light spectrum to be able to draw conclusions from multiple pieces of data. Seed: Spinach Seed: Lettuce Seed: Radish The data I collect will either support or contradict my hypothesis. Assuming that all the variables are the same for each seed I predict that the orange light would make the plant grow the most. I think this because the sun almost looks orange/red/yellow to the human eye and when shown pictures of the sun from space it looks to be an orangey color. I predict that red will make the plants grow the most because it is considered to be a brightest, vibrant color. Plants need the sun's light to produce energy and the sun is bright, just like the color…show more content…
We can manipulate the variables to achieve the maximum growth for each seed by controlling variables. The controlled variables are things like the amount of light provided for each plant, the humidity, the time given for plant growth, type of container used, the amount of water give to each seed/when the water was given, where the plants are placed, type of soil the plants are planted in, the surroundings of the plants etc. These are really important to have when doing an experiment like this because the variables can affect results dramatically. An example of this is; If you plant a spinach seed under red light and give it 1 cup of water a week the results would vary if you planted the spinach seed under the same light and gave it 3 cups a week. In this experiment the independent variables can change the dependent variable dramatically which is the plant

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