Comparing The Pit And The Pendulum By Edgar Allen Poe

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“Once upon a midnight dreary”, a boy was born. This boy grew up to be one of the most famous horror writers. This man was Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe wrote most of his poems and stories in first person narrative. He wrote them in first person to impact the reader. The story, The Pit and the Pendulum starts out with a main in Spain getting tried with the inquisition. Then the story goes to him being thrown in prison, and barely escaping the pendulum. Right after he is free from the pendulum the walls turn hot and start to push in on him; driving him straight to the pit. The story ends with a French soldier saving him. “The inquisition was at an end. Toledo was in the hands of its enemies.” Poe told this story in first person through the…show more content…
The then talk about the murder in the newspaper. Two ladies were murdered and it was a weird circumstance. The police questioned many people and got the same answer, two men were arguing one was a French man and the other was a high voiced foreigner. Dupin the main character visit the house and look for clues. The next day Dupin says he solved the murder and tells the main character what happened. It was an orangutan who ran away from his owner and went into the ladies house. They started screaming so he killed them and shoved on out the window and the other up the chimney. Then he was scared and ran away. After Dupin and the main character told the police and the person charged with the murder was set free. In this story Poe also used a first person narrator. I believe he did this to keep you reading, because you will want to find out what happened. An example is on page fifty one. “Upon reaching home Dupin would not talk about the murder until noon the next day.” This shows that even the main character did not know. If Dupin was the narrator instead of the person in the story, then you would know what happened. SO that means you wouldn’t want to read all of it because you already knew what

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