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The MARVELous Life of Stan Lee “Excelsior!” As Stan “the man” Lee opened his weekly “Stan’s Soapbox” column in every issue of his Marvel Comicbooks. “The man” has been the driving force in the comic and sci-fi “N3RD World”, and the sculptor of the fictional lives that so many have come to cherish and love. Stan Lee is one of the biggest influences on the modern society and media, he is, “...credited with popularizing continuity to give the various series a sense of narrative flow and an interrelated common world for the characters” (“Stan Lee.” IMDb). He had such a different perspective on how he wanted his characters to be, they were diverging from the mainstream DC’s invincible Justice League. His superheroes were ordinary citizens who were changed in extraordinary circumstances, he, “...despised the idea of sidekicks..., and his superheroes rarely wore…show more content…
He was an editor there in the, “...1940s and ’50s—during which time the group, later named Atlas (and then Marvel today), struggled financially...” (“Stan Lee.” Britannica). Lee’s stories and comics he wrote are what most likely saved Marvel comics, “He is credited as creating the Marvel comics characters in the 1960s...”, and unlike many comic writers, “used his comics as metaphors for social issues, e.g., the X-Men were representative of discrimination...” (“Stan Lee.” IMDb). Hitherto, there is a thing to be said about a person who is able to drift from the conformist mainstream, and make their own prosperous “mainstream”, such as Stan’s stories of heroes with superhuman abilities, and a down to earth lifestyle that we can all relate to. Compared that to the stereotypical superheroes from DC comics who seemed invincible and had little to no connection with us “normal mortals”, they didn’t have nearly as much insecurities and problems that we as citizens and the heroes of Marvel did and do face. Stan is a man of many trademarks, whether it be from his trademark dark

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