How Does Social Media Affect American Democracy

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Social media can benefit and damage the American Democracy. Social Media has always played a huge role in our society. As I was growing up I never viewed media has something that could harm the society and was able to feed us negative image about a certain situation. We’ll at least when I was younger I never had those perspective. I never knew I had to be careful of certain news channel I watch or read of the Internet because they have the power to twist the news around. Growing up now I see so many negative views on how social media plays in our life and how they control us. Behind the scene of “media” are individuals that have lots of money, and intelligence that have power to influence other people. Generally speaking as a young adult that…show more content…
was the only source of information for the majority of Americans. Now many American’s read their news online from media outlets or like I mentioned earlier from social media. I believe our voting decisions come from our primary source that controls our voting ideas. They find something to manipulate us as human because they havethis technology brainwashing us about society and being hypnotized by those in power, social media is clever enough to fool us because they make billions of dollars just broadcasting irrelevant situation or spicing up the stories. On the other hand I do believe that social media has done some justice to the world we live in today. Going years back when the “new media” was a primary sources to many Americans it did help with politically and economically. T.V., radio stations were all they had and people actually heard real news that I believe was not manipulated as much as 20th century. The “New Media” gave American’s the outline of the up-to-date political communication environment. According to Diane Owen, She’s an associate Professor of Political Science and teaches in the Communication, Culture, and Technology graduate program, and has served as Director of the American Studies…show more content…
For example, televised news chat programs regularly feature citizen call-ins, news magazines present instantaneous online polls of citizens' opinions about political events and issues, and average people ask questions of candidates during televised debates”(para 6). This is significant because this new technology they resolved is an eye opening to many individuals, it’s a new opportunity in life that they could somewhat be in control of their life and have a say to who their next candidate would be. This was a great opening to many citizens to participate in their community and strive for change, but of course we had a few who thought media was controlled by a powerful individuals that wanted others to vote on issue that was important to them instead of thinking for the world. If I had to choose one side to the media whether it beneficial or harmful to American Democracy I would say it’s harmful. Not just talking about politically but socially, media has made individuals lose touch with others; technology has made us more selfish and separate than ever than being caring towards

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