Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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Culture is your perspective and qualities that help make your personality complete. My cultural identity is prominent through how and where I grew up. This is shown through my outlook on racism, food, and being a good student in a bad environment. Racism is a big issue in Decatur, which in my opinion, is very silly. In our community we achieve nothing because we don’t work together. It isn’t as simple as “white” vs. “black”, it’s every race against each other, and it isn’t improving. This is a big cultural hindrance for me, mostly because a lot of my family is from the deep South, Mexico, and Decatur. As you would guess, my southern family isn’t too keen on any race besides caucasian and they aren’t afraid to put that opinion out there. My hispanic family always feels unwelcomed and out of place, which is understandable, but not when it’s because of racial slurs. I have always lived in Decatur and visited Chicago frequently, so I grew up around multiple races. I have never been “racist.” I don't see color like my family, and that is always an…show more content…
Being from decatur, we have certain names for food, such as “cheese toastie.” We also have one of the best restaurants native to Decatur. Krekels is now spreading out to Springfield, but it will always be our yummy burgers and ice cream. I also have a different outlook on holiday foods and customs. I go to at least 4 different houses each holiday, all of which have different types of food. My aunt and uncle’s always has mexican steak, elote, and other hispanic dishes. My great grandma’s house always has southern dishes (grits, greens, chicken and waffles), and my grandpa who is from Decatur, always has turkey, ham, mac and cheese, and other basic dishes. I live with my dad, but we don’t eat at the table. We go out to eat at least once a week, and we enjoy cooking together. My food variety and customs may seem odd to others, but it’s what I’m used
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