Personal Narrative: Joe Bill Dixon's Wilderness Running Camp

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It was late in the school year, and I had just completed my first season of track and field at Lincoln Christian School. In order to prepare myself for the upcoming cross country season, I would need to put in a lot of work over the summer. It was suggested that I attend Joe Bill Dixon's Wilderness Running Camp. I had never heard of this camp before, and I had never been out on a real camping trip before. I was not about to do this alone, so I signed up to go with a group of four other runners on my team. I expected it to be a fun opportunity to run with my teammates and meet other runners from out of state, but little did I know that this camp would change the way that I viewed running forever. The experiences that I had at this camp would completely change what I thought about running.…show more content…
As we arrived, the clouds above thickened and it began to rain. We had barely gotten the tent set up, when we were summoned to start the first run of the week. It was not a difficult run at all, but little did we know that it was become much worse. This would be evident when we woke up at five o'clock the next morning to falling rain, which would continue all throughout the day and into that night. The rain was ice cold, and by the end of the day, all of the our stuff was drenched. The bottom and top of the tent leaked, which soaked our sleeping bags and dripped water onto our faces while we slept.. Because of this, we were unable to get a decent night's rest, and we were exhausted almost

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