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I was born on January 10, 2001 into a perfect family, five acres, two horses, cats, dogs, chickens, mom, dad, sisters, church on Sunday, and family dinners. It was like this like this for a long time. Until Christmas Eve 2011, seventeen days before 10th my birthday and probably the last time me and my four sisters have been in the same place and the same time. The sentence that would change my life, “Me and your dad are getting divorced,” I was too young to understand what was happening, I was too young to understand that my dad still loved my mom and I was too young to understand that my mom was sleeping with her high school sweetheart who she would marry later that year. And with the blink of an eye, the decision was made for that I would be living with my father in Utah. My world went from three story…show more content…
To make my parents happy. It was an unconscious decision to put other’s happiness before my own, a habit that would become self destructive. In 6th grade I moved into a suburban house with my mom, stepfather and his dog, who is now my best friend. That summer I flew on a plane alone to Texas to spend the summer with my dad and stepmom. This time I was really alone. In a hot, humid wasteland I hated, with step brothers who were terrible to me. I rarely came out of my room, only to eat dinner. From there my mental health deteriorated. I had my first panic attack in 7th grade in a public bathroom. And I let myself slip into depression, due to genetics, puberty, and the past. In 7th grade I fit the “emo” stereotype almost perfectly. I didn’t want help, I didn’t want to get better, and I didn’t. My grades plummeted and I distanced myself from my friends. It wasn’t until the the second half of 8th grade when I asked for help. I want to get better, and I know someday I will. But it’s hard when you can feel the weight of your mental illness on your shoulders every
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