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Beowulf & Achilles You have often heard of the great feats of strength and courage that epic heroes have accomplished. If you have heard these tales than you have probably heard of the epic hero’s Beowulf and Achilles. They were 2 men that lived in different times and in different countries. Even though they were alive years apart what they both accomplished was non the less extraordinary. Beowulf lived sometime around the 500s in Scandinavia. He was apart of the Geats but became king of the Danes after he rid the Danes of the terrible monster Grendel. “The days of my youth have been filled with glory. Now Grendel’s Name has echoed in our land: sailors have brought us stories of Herot, the best of all mead-halls, deserted and useless when the moon Hangs in skies the sun had lit, Light and life fleeing together.” (143-149) This is Beowulf introducing himself to Hrothgar, after this he tells all the men in Herot that he will kill Grendel and Herot will be great once more. The reason Beowulf is an epic hero is because he vows to kill Grendel and unlike the other drunk men that have tried and failed he triumphed.…show more content…
Achilles is one of the greatest heroes of the Trojan War. He is an epic hero in Homers epic poem the Illiad. “As between men and lions there are none, no concord between wolves and sheep, but all hold one another hateful through and through, so there can be no courtesy between us, no sworn truce, till one of us is down and glutting with his blood the war god Ares.” (89-94) This quoute was Achilles talking to Hector after Hector had killed Achilles best friend, the reason Achilles is an epic hero is because he is very brave and strong. Much like Beowulf he accomplishes things that others

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