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In my life I don’t recall a lot of situations when literacy had taken place. One that I do remember is when I used to severely stutter. At the age of 5 to age 7, any time I would communicate, my words would not come out clear. Until this day, I struggle to understand why I had a speech impediment. At such a young age, I recall asking God “Why me?” Not only because I was made fun of in school at times, but it was aggravating as well. There were several myths stating that tickling children too much could cause them to have trouble speaking, maybe I was that child. It was a very hot day on May 17, 2002, the day of our family gathering. All of my life I have been a timid person; I wasn’t one to speak a lot. Even when I was spoken to, my response would be short and to the point. Family social events is something that I genuinely enjoyed. My excitement level would always shoot to the sky. You would instantly recognize when I’ve gotten to that point. At some time throughout the day you would hear my mother say “Slow down, take your time”. Speaking for me at this point in my life was always a hassle. Many times I would get beyond frustrated because any time I would speak I knew what I wanted to say. Yet, there…show more content…
My stuttering problem is over. Thinking back I never knew anyone who used to stutter and get frustrated like me. There were 3 young men in my class and they didn’t speak much either. If they were to speak it would literally be one word. I never understood why they would leave the classroom every day at the same time. One day I gained the courage to ask, and they all explained to me that they have speech impediments. One couldn’t say certain words, and the other two had severe stuttering problems like I once had. When they told me, my face lit up with excitement and was eager to hear more. We spoke on that topic for at least a half hour, but neither one of us understood why we suffered that

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