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It is the biggest day of the year, I know I am leaving today. Today is black Friday and I am currently at Walmart in Minot, North Dakota. I have been here what seems like forever. I am a one hundred dollar bill, or as some people like to call me Benjamin Franklin. Before Walmart I was in the worst place for a hundred dollar bill, the dollar store. I was finally bought when a man spent $297.89 on balloons for a big party. Walmart is not a bad place for Ben Franklin like me, there are many expensive items that are bought with cash. I hope that whoever receives me next will be a big spender because I do not like being in one place for a while. The most nerve wrecking place to go is the bank. A bill can go anywhere from a bank. Walmart can be an…show more content…
Within minutes of the doors opening I hear the best sound, the sound of cash registers opening with a “cha ching.” The register just a few aisles down was the first to be opened. Just a few minutes later my register is opened, the twenty dollar bill next to me was the first taken. As the short fat hand reached into the register I could tell the cashier was the same as always, Philip. Philip is one of the meanest cashiers I have ever seen. He forcefully grabs the bills and often rips them, hopefully he will be more careful with me when I am finally needed. Just a few moments later a man bought an xbox one with five one hundred dollar bills. I’m not sure what the exact change was but I was needed. Since I was a hundred dollar bill Phillip gently pulled me out of the register without a single tear. When I was able to see the man who would be my new owner all of my excitement turned immediately to fear. This man was about six foot six inches, three hundred pounds. He wore a black tee shirt that you could barely see with his outrageously sized orange beard. When Philip handed me to the man he did the worst thing possible, he shoved me directly into his pocket. The worst part was that this man was wearing skinny

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