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It was a chilly Friday morning of December. At right the exact moment I get off my bunk bed, the moment I step foot on the floor, I immediately get ready for the day. The time at that point was 6:50 a.m., and everyone was still asleep. I awoke early so I could get to school early and not late. On regular days I would have to wait for my ride to take us at around 7:45 a.m.. But this day I didn't feel like waiting that much time to get to school. Instead I set up my clothes and supplies so I wouldn't be scouring around my room looking for things. I had my clothes set up the night before, and my backpack was light due to the fact that I wouldn't really be needing it. As soon as I get dressed and comb my hair, I start off getting to leave. The floor makes squeaks as I leave to…show more content…
The roaring of its 10 year old transmission and motor. The sound of the wheel squeaking due to the lack of oil in the wheel and axle. So the car passes by and Me, well I'm just walking in a regular pace. Why? Well I'm not really in a hurry; I do have to get there on time with a friend of mine, but I don't have to get there early to the point of waiting for him for a longer time. I pass by a green-bluish house, my neighbor, and he's up early in the morning on his porch. As I pass by I wave him hello and as he always replies, "how's it going buddy." Which is his reply to mostly everyone he knows. Well my day gets quieter after that moment. The streets on Gloucester are quiet, well because not most parents go drop off their kids to school at 7 in the morning. So there is a absence of traffic in the streets, the absence of kids walking across the streets to get to the direction needed for school, and then the common honk you hear from someone trying to say 'hello' from someone they see in the road. Well twenty minutes pass by while I walk to school. And the time now at this point would be twenty pass
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