Should The United States Raise The Drinking Age To 21

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Although every state in the United States has its own rules and regulations regarding certain matters, the drinking age of 21 is one thing that remains consistent throughout our country. Even before the Prohibition Act of 1918 which banned the manufacture and marketing of alcoholic liquors, only a scattered amount of states had a legal drinking age. After the Amendment which restricted states from modifying their voting age to above 18, states lowered their drinking age minimum. However, as time gradually progressed, most states raised the drinking age to 21. The reason to why every state in the United States lifted its drinking age to 21 was because of the establishment of the National Drinking Age Act of 1984. President Ronald…show more content…
Despite the power given to the state, Congress decreased state potentiality through legislation in terms of regulation of alcohol. Multiple court cases occurred, one including South Dakota v. Dole (1987), which resulted in the Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984. Congress disclosed that the difference in the drinking ages in different states led people to cross state lines to drink and then return to their home state inebriated. This was a vital interstate conflict and required aid from the federal government. Although the matter of regulation of alcohol was once for the states to regulate, it was imperative that the federal government take control. However, I feel that the passing of this law and the age restriction is bringing about positive change, but not on a greater scale. Majority of teenagers are reckless and choose to turn a blind eye to the law. This poses as a menace to our society because teenagers will drive unsafely and be irresponsible. I also feel that raising the drinking age to 21 has no direct relationship on the fatalities that result due to the consumption of alcohol. Also, if the drinking age is 21 and this will more likely limit fatalities, why end our thoughts there? Why not broaden our horizons

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